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Juniper Berry Scented - Wooden Bowl Candle

Juniper Berry Scented - Wooden Bowl Candle

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“Juniper Berry"  fragrance has a fresh ozone smell and slightly sweet with just a touch of citrus and pine. It truly transforms your atmosphere into a comforting, fresh and cozy feeling. This scent has an amazing cold and hot throw. You don't even need to light it to enjoy the scent. It gives hints of pine, berry, red currant and juniper.

Wooden Bowl candles are the perfect rustic décor piece to add to any room. These, hand-carved dough bowls are one of a kind. Each will vary in size as they are made by hand. The smooth textures of this real Spanish Oak wood are natural and not machine made.

Enjoy the soothing flames and natural beauty of these candles that make a truly special and unique gift.  

Estimated Size-
5-6 inches wide
9-10 inches long
1.5-2 inches deep

Liquid Volume of wax is- 17-18 ounces

10 inch bowl- features 3 natural cotton wicks. Wooden bowls hold approximately 17-18 ounces of wax. Each will vary slightly depending on the amount the bowl will hold.



  • All natural Vegan Soy wax
  • Clean burning
  • Toxin free & clean fragrance oils
  • Natural cotton wicks
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long lasting
  • Hand poured in small batches in Hollister, California

These bowls have been closely inspected for any holes or cracks. They have also been prepped for candle use.

**Please do not leave wooden bowl candles UNATTENDED.


WOODEN BOWL CANDLE CARE: Trim wicks to 1/4 of an inch. Allow candle to burn for four hours during the first burn, for optimal candle use. NEVER LEAVE A CANDLE UNATTENDED.

You can reuse your dough bowl once the candle is burned all the way down. First, use a heat gun or hair blow dryer to melt and remove any remaining wax. Then, remove wicks and after a quick wipe around the inside of your wooden bowl, it can be repurposed in many different ways.

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