Our best sellers!

Signature Cali Jars

Our matte black Cali Jars hold 8 ounces of pure Soy wax and burn for over 40 hours. They are thick and durable, made with quality ceramic glass. These vessels are stunningly beautiful and have natural bamboo wood style lids. One of the most unique things about this jar is that when lit, the candle flame is visible through the glass. It gives an amber/red tinted glow. This jar is great for any room and adds that perfect touch! Added bonus these jars are excellent quality. These thick ceramic jars are reusable with endless ways to repurpose them.


    Looking for a unique and rustic type of candle? These gorgeous wooden bowls make an eye-catching centerpiece for any room or table in your home. They are hand-carved dough bowls so all of them are one of a kind and will vary in size. The smooth textures of this real Spanish Oak wood are natural and not machine made. Wooden Bowl candles are the perfect décor piece to add to any room. This 3-wick candle holds 17 ounces of wax and will burn for over 50 hours.

    Enjoy the soothing flames and natural beauty of these candles that make a truly special and unique gift.  


    Our travel diffusers add style to any office, room, vehicle or space! They add the perfect touch to your desk, any small space or hanging in your bathroom. Hang your diffuser and enjoy the lasting fragrance it holds. No need for flame! This diffuser offers a safer and convenient way to enjoy our fragrances. Enjoy their fragrance, as they last quite some time.


    These beautiful wax warmers were inspired by home canning jars. It is a porcelain fragrance warmer. It looks even more luxurious when it glows when turned on. It has the phrase "home sweet home" on the outside.

    You can add your favorite scented wax melts to the screw top styled dish. It comes with a rotating base that allows it to fit a vertical or horizontal electrical outlet. It includes a warming bulb that melts your wax.